OuiChampagne is born in September 2021 when we decided to take a trip to the area where champagne is produced in France. The excitement produced by visiting, tasting and supporting each small champagne producing house was the reason why we made the decision to share those experiences and we reflected them in this small but exciting project called OuiChampagne.

Most people only have become acquainted with the most well-known champagne brands, that is thought to be very good, but all too often you pay more for the brand than for the contents of the bottle in our opinion.

OuiChampagne has been established to let you experience how good champagne can taste and how many flavor nuances it can contain. The taste varies depending on the area of the French champagne region the champagne comes from, and the grape varieties used.

We are traveling to Champagne in France at least once every two months, where we work closely with fantastic smaller champagne houses that strive for quality champagne. We value and respect their profession which makes their champage completely unique and exiting.

At OuiChampagne we want to invite our customers on a trip to discover the exciting flavors of champagne. Champagne should be an experience that everyone can enjoy, and therefore we at OuiChampagne want to make sure to have a complementary assortment and a easy division of characteristic champagnes that suits every taste.

A journey that never stops!